Install Material Tailwind faster with CLI

Now you can create your Material Tailwind project faster using CLI. See below our step-by step guide.

A CLI (short for "command line interface") is a user interface that operates through text commands and facilitates the execution of various functions within an operating system. It proves especially useful for automating and simplifying the process of setting up the scaffolding for your web project.

Starting with CLI

Let's create a new @material-tailwind/react project using the CLI.

# Using NPM
npm create material-tailwind
# Using Yarn
yarn create material-tailwind
# Using PNPM
pnpm create material-tailwind

If you are not interested in installing Material Tailwind using CLI, please check our installation guide here.

Supported Templates

Currently, the CLI supports the following templates:

  • Next.js next

  • Next.js + TypeScript next-ts

  • Remix remix

  • Remix + TypeScript remix-ts

  • Vite vite

  • Vite + TypeScript vite-ts

  • Create React App cra

  • Create React App + TypeScript cra-ts